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It’s December 27th, and I’m at work.

December 27, 2007 3 comments

I really enjoy my job from the fun atmosphere and the smart and charismatic co-workers (see, Lisa R., Margaret Hegg), all the way to the wide variety of clients we have. One of the only glaring downsides is the fact that it remains open between Christmas and New Years. Although I was out drinking a tall one with some advertising peers last night, they are at home relaxing while I’m at work today. At least I’m used to it, my last agency was open during this week as well!

The bright side of this is that I’ve gotten up-to-date on some filing, caught up on the trades, and although I have a million more urgent things to do, they can take the back burner since no one else in the agency world is at work. Smooth! And lucky for you, I’m taking my lunch to write you a blog.

In the spirit of feeling like I want to be a slacker this week even though I can’t, I’ve decided I don’t want to be serious until the official start of 2008. It looks like other, more seasoned industry bloggers feel the same. 🙂 Read more…