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Online Marketing Mavens Jump on the Online Video Bandwagon!

July 17, 2008 1 comment

Us Mavens are instrumental in educating various groups on our respective fields. Lisa came up with the stellar idea to video tape some of these sessions to post on our blog. Here is the first of the series. Check back often for more on Search and Interactive Media!

What is rich media?

Rich Media ads have an added functionality such as expansion, floating across the page, games, and in banner data submission. There are limitless things that you can do with rich media. Rich media vendors like to refer to it as “a micro-site within a banner”. Rich Media vendors are third party servers that will actually serve the ad and help us build it. They also help us measure interaction rate, time spent with the video and what people actually did when interacting with the banner ads.


Web and TV Convergence.

January 25, 2008 6 comments

As Lisa pointed out in a previous post, online video usage is exploding, and we aren’t talking just YouTube. According to a Horowitz Associates report outlined here, 16% of adults with broadband access watch full episodes of TV online. Personally, I’m a big fan of this because I am without a DVR, but I do have a serious addiction to many network shows such as Heroes, Prison Break, and Grey’s Anatomy. As an Interactive Media Planner/Buyer, I find this advertising opportunity very attractive due to the high impact placements and the ownership opportunities which typically include a few mid-roll placements that I have seen to be not just video, but also interactive units.

This week, Adotas published an interesting article about the merging of the Internet and TV. The author, Peter Koeppel, thinks this is inevitable due to increase of media consumption multi-tasking and how far quality content online has come. This sounds super cool to me as a consumer. My two favorite things – TV and the Internet – become one? A match truly made in heaven. Some of this convergence has already started with the XBox Live, Apple TV and other products. Long before was Web TV, concepted in the mid 1990s as a component which basically allowed for using the TV as a monitor and a remote as a mouse. I remember seeing ads for this in high school, thinking it was really cool but maybe ahead of the times for a mass audience. Or maybe I just wish I would have thought that. In doing some searching, I found that Microsoft purchased this and is still trying to improve upon the original concept with MSN TV 2.

Later this week, MediaPost published an article about TV buying taking a cue from online advertising networks utilizing the long tail of the web to deliver aggregated reach of a particular audience. It’s no surprise that Google was the first to roll this out with Google TV Ads, taking a cue from their Adwords product.

My geeky excitement of what will happen next with this is right up there with what will happen with behavioral targeting in 2008. Professionally it will create another media buying challenge, which I am totally up for. Personally, I just want to watch my Heroes and Instant Message my buddies about how cute Peter Pitrelli is or what power we would want if we could choose without having to start up my computer.