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Back to School Meets Wonder Wheel

The words “Back to school” for me used to conjure up images of pencil cases and new school clothes. Now it makes me think of Google and keyword searches. The Google Retail Advertising Blog recently posted that “back to school” searches are up 15% over last year. GO economy!

Its time to start planning your PPC strategies for the back to school crowd. Their searches are expected to peak in August- September.

Let’s say you sell luggage. How can you leverage this school season? You may want to try Google’s Wonder Wheel to help explore your product topics. It shows the original query in the center connected to a bunch of related queries.

It looks like there are a few good ones there that can be expanded on by clicking: back to school messenger bags, back to school pack.

Google's Wonder Wheel
The Wonder Wheel is not the easiest tool to find. The screenshot below illustrates where you can find it.

How to find Google's Wonder Wheel

This tool can help you discover keyword concepts/themes, but you’ll need to dive into the keyword tools to generate the specific keyword list.


Best Online Marketing Lists of 2007

December 31, 2007 3 comments

marketing list imageEveryone loves a good list, so I wanted to share my favorite online marketing lists for 2007. These helpful lists will give you some great ideas for your online marketing in 2008. 🙂

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