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List of Online Marketing Lists: 316 Tips & Ideas

March 22, 2009 5 comments

online-marketing-planIn need of some online marketing inspiration? I’ve found these online marketing lists to be a great place to start for new ideas, research, and resources on hot topics.

1.  50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business
Twitter for business? Yes, I know it all sounds so strange. You can become totally Twittertastic, but you’ll need ideas and a plan. Chris Brogan’s post can get you started on both.

2. Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs
Social Media is every where, there’s no escape. Use eCairn’s list of the top 150 blogs about social media as the ultimate resource.

3.  5 Tools for Keyword Brainstorming
I struggle with the keyword generation process in search engine marketing. If you need help too, Ann Smarty’s post offers great resources as starting point for keyword brainstorming. Also valuable for other types of concepting and brainstorming.

4.  101 Link Building Tips to Market Your Website
Awesome list of link building strategies for SEO from Aaron Wall. Advice on “30 Bad Ways to Build Links” is funny and demonstrates how not to implement these great ideas. While 101 actionable tips can be a little daunting, for you unorganized people I’d recommend:

  • identify the tactics that apply most closely to your website (save the rest for later)
  • organize into “quick wins” and “more difficult” buckets (for example, directory submissions will not take as long as writing an article or setting up RSS feeds)
  • create a timeline, including “one time” tasks and “ongoing”

Ok, there’s one more…

5.  Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Books
Books are not dead! And you really could use a break from your computer. Greg Jarboe offers 10 smart recommendations.

If you just can’t get enough, I previously posted another list of resources that will also keep you busy: Best Online Marketing Lists


I hope this fortune teller is right!

December 3, 2007 1 comment

I skim dozens trade articles daily to keep on top of the ever-changing world of internet marketing. One of my favorites is a MediaPost blog called “Online Spin”which features posts from different leaders in interactive marketing. This is one I typically land on and read despite the craziness going on around me. This craziness is brought on by the complex world of internet marketing. From the time I transitioned from traditional media planning to interactive over a year and a half ago, the scope of online marketing has changed a ton. Newer options have become more widely adopted such as behavioral targeting (which is supposed to REALLY take off in 2008), dynamic ads, widgets, you name it. So many companies have consolidated, purchased each other, merged, gone under, that it’s all I can do to keep up with it all.

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