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PPC Quick Tips: #3 Seasonal Planning

January 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Sure it’s still January and you haven’t worked off the holiday feasts yet, but you gotta plan for PPC!

Here are 5 super quick tips to get you started on the right path to seasonal success:

  1. Review the 2011 holidays and dates. Are you doing everything you can to leverage the specialness of them?
  2. Use Google’s Insights for Search to check for search trends on obvious keywords (and then some not so obvious) related to your industry. Be creative!
  3. Brainstorm other seasonal opportunities within your target market’s preferences: rainy season, first day of spring, baseball, car racing, etc.
  4. Build a calendar with the messaging or promotion you intend to launch. Don’t forget to allow time for building, editing, approvals.
  5. Compare results from the holiday campaigns to the “regular” campaigns and determine what could be tweaked in the next round.

Happy everything!


Scary Halloween Search Trends

October 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Ok they’re not scary, but seasonal holiday search trends are always very interesting, especially when you look at Halloween. As you can see from the list below, people are most interested in the costumes they will be wearing for the holiday. Here are the top Halloween searches (keywords), according to Google:

  1. halloween
  2. halloween costume
  3. halloween outfits
  4. halloween costumes
  5. halloween kostume
  6. halloween ideas
  7. halloween parties
  8. haunted houses
  9. halloween costume ideas
  10. halloween party

All dressed up with no place to go? No way– people hosting the Halloween parties are searching too: party themes, games, halloween store, halloween decorations, and recipes. If you’re a merchant, this may be a good opportunity to position certain products for Halloween use.

Are people searching on the go? I wanted to know. Queries from mobile devices don’t seem to change much from searches on computers, but they do focus more on shopping like specific stores and party supplies, and activities like haunted houses.

What about last year? Everyone says consumer confidence is up…this means more costumes, more parties, more candy consumption! According to Google Insights for Search, searches for our top consumer keyword “Halloween costume” is down 20% from last year. Even though this is partial data (missing the 31st), I think we can still assume it is good directional data. I will check back once the data is finalized to confirm this either way.


Wondering about the top costumes this year? Me too. Yahoo has put together a great article on this: Yahoo! Releases the Top Searched Halloween Costumes

More fun reading on Halloween search trends and sites:

Snooki, Lady Gaga Top Halloween Costume Queries

Halloween Sites : 13 Scary Halloween Pages

Search for Love this Valentine’s Day (Holiday SEM)

February 9, 2008 1 comment

I love love. I’m also rather fond of infatuation and crushes. So it’s no surprise that searchers seek ways to reach out to their beloved as this magical day approaches. According to Yahoo! Buzz, tongue tied Romeo’s have led queries for “love letters,” “romantic notes,” and “romantic love letters” and are posting high gains in Search.

On Google too, Valentine’s Day theme searches pick up around Jan 20th then start to spike around Feb 4th with people thinking ahead on the best ways to score.

  * love letter   * valentine gift   * valentine card

The lure of rising search volume is a tempting treat to online marketers. How to leverage love?

As a search marketer, my advice is to be available in search engines at the exact moment your customer are seeking gifts, cards, candy, jewelry, and etc. Tweak your existing pay-per-click account or get a new one set up in Google or Yahoo.

Set-up a new campaign specifically for the Valentine’s Holiday. It will need to be up and running during the peak search period: around the second or third week of Jan and ending Feb 15th. Considering timing here is key.

If your business offers delivery or shipping to specific areas, you’ll need to geo-target these campaigns as well.

Create new ad text copy to include commonly searched terms with a Valentine theme like “Valentine Gifts for Him”. Because searches are happening very close to the holiday, call out any same day delivery or next day shipping in the ad copy.

Use promotional language. Deals, price points, coupons, gift wrapping, or free shipping are huge selling points and should be included in the ad copy.

Finally, don’t forget to customize the landing page to show your love for your customers. Highlight the V-day theme products on one page and make shipping or delivery information easily accessible.

Tell someone you love them this Valentine’s Day…with search engine marketing!