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Behavioral targeting threatened by feds

October 31, 2007 Leave a comment

Today I’m experiencing the organization needed to pull off a geo-targeted campaign in limited markets, with limited budgets and multiple creative versions. As a former planner on an unnamed major national retailer client, I thought spending all that money and keeping a savvy client very happy was difficult, but new challenges always arise in this industry, eh?

One thing I really love to do while planning online media is to use great endemic sites that deliver a strong concentration of our target audience. Then I like to slap on some great behavioral targeting to add tons of reach and efficiency to our campaign. I read something scary today that stopped me in my tracks while put together a recommendation doing what I just mentioned. Oh, the horror!

Advertising Age recently reported the possibility of a Do Not Track List. Apparently certain groups find the use of cookies to serve more relevant advertising to an anonymous users. I find this crazy! Hopefully because I find it crazy, the FTC will too. This is not the same as telemarketers that purchased extensive information on us and called us at our homes. This is us targeting you, A25-54er, who visited a fitness site in the last 30 days. Don’t you want us to tell you about our new revolutionary running shoes? I plead to the FTC – don’t take away our BT!