Beginners SEM PPC Glossary

SPONSORED SEARCH: Pay-per-click (PPC) distribution tactic that displays your ads in the sponsored search results at the top, along the side, and across the bottom of search results pages for searches that relate to your keywords.

CONTENT PLACEMENT TARGETING: Pay-per-click distribution tactic that displays your ads alongside relevant articles such as product reviews, news articles, etc. on the Yahoo/Bing and Google distribution network. Google has renamed it the “Display Network”.

AD TEXT: The marketing message displayed to prospective customers. An ad contains a title, description, and URL.

LANDING PAGE: The page on a web site where one is taken after clicking on a advertisement. While this can be any page, it is often a page designed to expand on the service or product mentioned in the initial advertisement.

CAMPAIGN: A campaign contains one or more ad groups sharing the same budget, schedule and geo-targeting criteria. A campaign is typically created to support a particular marketing goal.

KEYWORD: A word or phrase that relates to the products or services you wish to advertise. When prospective customers are looking for information related to what you sell, and they type your keywords into a search box, your ads may be displayed.

CONVERSIONS: The completion of an action that you value, such as a purchase, registration, or sign-up.

IMPRESSIONS: The number of times an ad is displayed in search results or on sites.

CLICK-THROUGH RATE (CTR): The number of clicks received divided by the number of impressions generated. Example: An ad that is displayed 100 times and receives 10 clicks has a click-through rate of 10%.

AVE CPC: Average cost per click. The average price you paid each time your ad was clicked.

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