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Haven’t We Met Somewhere…? or Hello Again: Retargeting Tips For Beginners

Retargeting your prospects is an incredibly effective way to reconnect post-website visit. Specifically, Google remarketing is one easy way for beginners to get started. My latest article on Search Marketing Standard outlines a few tips you really need to know.

Check it out:

Hello Again: Retargeting Tips For Beginners


PPC Quick Tips: #6 Landing Pages 101

Your landing page quality can be critical to the performance of your PPC campaigns. Sadly, we often don’t spend much time thinking about them. Google sends an adbot to review landing pages for performance and quality, so landing pages can have a big impact on your campaign performance. It’s not only for Google– we want to create a positive user experience when someone lands on your page. Did they find what you promised in the ad?  Do they know what to do next?

Here are a few other considerations for your landing pages:

  1. Adbot must be able to crawl the pages (no flash).
  2. Incorporate keywords from your campaigns into the landing page copy.
  3. Mind your landing page load time: the amount of time it takes for a user to view your landing page after clicking your ad.
  4. Navigation: the visitor should easily understand what they are supposed to do next. Use a call-to-action to accomplish this goal.
  5. Relevancy of the landing page: select the page on the site that has the closest connection to the ad or create a specific PPC landing page.
  6. If ad copy promotes a special offer, then it should be reiterated on the landing page.
  7. Ecommerce: send your ads to category pages rather one product page, but detailed PPC strategies can allow for single product pages.

These simple tips alone can greatly improve your PPC campaigns, but a good place to start developing a strategy is to define your goals: 10 Types of Landing Page Goals for PPC Campaigns.

Your New PPC Secret Weapon: The Search Funnel and Keywords on

Are your PPC campaigns getting a little, ahem, lackluster? Check out my latest post on how to use the search funnel to pep up your PPC.

You can take your PPC account to the next level by trying out this technique. It can help you reach buyers at different stages in the purchase decision-making process.