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When Your Trademark Becomes the Key to Your Competitor’s Internet Ad

Trademark use in PPC is an ongoing issue. Working in this space, I’m often asked about the individual search engines policies on trademarks as well as the ethics surrounding bidding on competitors names and trademarks. This article, written from the legal perspective, offers some great info:

When Your Trademark Becomes the Key to Your Competitor’s Internet Ad 03/18/2010.

If your looking for similar information from the marketer’s perspective, this may¬† be an easier read:

Should You Bid On Your Competitors Name Or Use Their Name In Ad Copy


Google Dabbles in On-Page Placement of Content Ads

The Google content network has really come a long way in the past year. Advertisers are enjoying the new targeting and ad type options and some are even getting a positive ROAS- this has not always been the case.

The websites you target are almost as important as the websites you exclude on the content network. Google allows you to exclude specific domains and types of categories you may want to avoid: death and tragedy, profanity and rough language, error pages and parked domains. Also, less offensive: social networks, videos, and forums.

They recently announced a new feature that allows advertisers to exclude placements appearing below the fold. This is their first on-page placement option. “This feature, which filters out “below the fold” inventory, enables brand advertisers to be more selective about where ads appear.”

If Google can engineer a statistically driven solution to identify which ads are below the fold, they can certainly fine-tune this in the future to include precision targeting of all on-page placements and page types on a website. We want this!

Right now, setting this up is not very intuitive. In order words, you won’t just stumble upon these settings. Instructions for setting up the below the fold exclusion are in the Adwords help section. This same process is used to set up any of the exclusions mentioned above and many others.

below-the-fold screenshot

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