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Searchable Home of the Future

April 17, 2008 2 comments

Future HomeA few weeks ago I searched through my home for a particular little blanket. I searched high, I searched low, I was unsuccessful. Then in frustration I waved my fists and said, “why doesn’t Google help me find my blanket?!” I realized I had gone crazy and my brain had linked the problem of searching or “finding something” in a real physical space to how I search for intangible things online like information, ideas, or data.

My brain then proceeded to solve the problem of being unable to solve the problem. I created an imaginary Google Smart Home.

In my imaginary Google Smart Home, cameras exist in every room, closet, drawer, and storage space to capture images and catalog my belongings. Anyone who has seen Google Street View knows how freakin’ creepy it is to see a photo of your house on the Internet. And anyone who watches Sci-Fi knows this technology could very easily be reapplied to do something really cool– like help me find missing things in my house. I could keep track of everything from the old year book (“stay cool”) to seasonal decorations (“ho, ho, ho”). Sarah had the great idea to barcode and catalog everything rather then use camera, which seems like it would be more cost effective once the idea caught on.

I also envision little terminals, conveniently mounted to fold under the kitchen cabinets, suburban style. This terminal is where I would type in “little pink blanket”. Google would review my house items and return results, maybe with a likelihood of accuracy to my query: upstairs closet 67%, basement 85%, etc.

A week after this episode, I tackled the world’s largest laundry pile in the basement. At the bottom, I found my dog’s little pink blanket. She was happy.


The End?


It’s been a while… and a book review!

April 15, 2008 1 comment

Lisa and I have been up to our eyebrows in exciting field work, learning more so we can serve you better! Unfortunately, all this experience-getting has made a huge dent in our time for blogging. In passing, some ideas are being kicked around for blog posts coming soon. Lisa will be inventing a new product, I will be composing a guide for Interactive Sales Representatives, and someday when the spring planning storms die down will come a Web & TV Convergence The Third. But for now all I have to give is my bed-time blog post.

Lisa and I being the hyper-influential bloggers in the Online marketing field that we are, we were approached to review a book called “Getting to First Base: A Social Media Marketing Playbook” by Darren Barefood and Julie Szabo. This book written for marketers gives an overview of the social nature of the Internet and the accompanying landscape and how to launch a social media relations campaign.

While busy doing rather than reading, it took me a while to get through this book. It was interesting, but I tend to be the kind of consumer that takes in her content in bits and snippets Online – much like the Internet community they talked about!

As an Interactive marketing geek, the overview was really a nice refresher course on recent trends in social media. The ideas on blogger relations were new to me, but unfortunately, I am unable to really put this to work in my job as an Interactive Media Planner/Buyer. They are still interesting to keep in my back pocket, though, for a future brainstorm, client, or position. Their views on transparency seemed in line and refreshing, especially since I’ve been hearing a lot about pay-per-post, etc. The new ideas were fun and noteworthy and there were lots of great examples. I would recommend this book for a small business owner (especially one with a strong web page) or someone at a large company that is in charge of reputation management or PR. While it would be beneficial for a range of marketers, I wouldn’t say that is a must-read in most cases.