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Addicted to Spacebook.

November 26, 2007 Leave a comment

Today is first day back after a four day weekend, a four day weekend that ruined me for today. While I had lots of fun and rest over the holiday I was unprepared to jump back into the whirlwind that is online marketing, but here I am. As the holidays are ramping up and clients are getting 2008 plans in check, the online media world has been busy as well with news of Cyber Monday and Facebook’s new “Beacon” product.

While all of this is extremely important to me as an online media planner/buyer, I can’t tear myself away from the four days of personal life I enjoyed. Luckily, my personal life and professional life converge in addiction to the internet. For both personal and research purposes, I do a ton of activities online and while some prove to improve my life and make it easier, others are improving it while making it more complex. The latter being social networking. I am currently maintaining profiles on LinkedIN, Facebook, Myspace, Adgabber, and Dogster/Catster. I also have accounts on Twitter and Second Life that I don’t have time to keep up with and probably some others that are long forgotten. Each of these social networks serve their distinct purpose, but it’s eating into my TV time to keep it all updated. Maybe the writer’s strike will benefit my online social life! More likely, things will consolidate, as Myspace parent company News Corp is rumored to be shopping LinkedIN, and Google is doing some interesting things with Facebook and Youtube.

Now, as it is Cyber Monday, I couldn’t resist doing some online shopping of my own over my lunch hour. Luckily, some of more savvy family members registered on’s Wish List. Twenty minutes and $200 later, I have half my Christmas Shopping completed and I didn’t have to set foot inside a crowded store. It’s lovely. Now let’s see if I get my packages on time!

By the way, my blog mate Lisa mistakenly used the term “Spacebook” today, but I thought it was a perfect title for my Cyber Monday rant!


Placement targeting, formerly known as site targeting

November 11, 2007 Leave a comment

Recently Google made two neat-o changes to the site targeting in the Google content network. First, it has a new name: placement targeting. Snazzy.

Secondly, we also have the option to bid either pay-per-click OR on a CPM basis. This is big news for clients who have been turned off by costly CPMs and decided to opt-out of any contextual targeting through Google.

Now I have to go update my presentations. Learn more about placement targeting on Google.


Deep thoughts on the state of advertising trade publications.

November 9, 2007 Leave a comment

I’m sitting here at 4:55 on a Friday, unsure of whether I’m more surprised at the results of this poll or the fact that people are actually publishing it as advertising news! The article “Poll: Internet Good Substitute for Significant Other, not Good for Implanting in the Brain” summarizes general opinions about on the internet. One such finding states that thirty-one percent of a dual audience agree that the internet can substitute for a significant other. I find this hilarious because couldn’t anything really be substitue for a significant other? Macaroni and Cheese is comforting, pets are great companions, and the bedside drawer can aid in substiting the “other” category. I really wish they would have compared this to what percentage of people will find SOMETHING, regardless of what it is, to take the place of a significant other.

What I find more disturbing is the other half about “not good for implanting in the brain”. According to this poll, only 11% of people would be willing to “safely implant” the ability to access internet in their brain. Excuse me, but ONLY 11%? Eleven percent seems humongous when you work on a medium that clients and marketers are still struggling to trust their budgets to despite the hard evidence that people are exponentially increasing their time online. It seems huge compared to the instance of the percentage of people that delete their cookies, commit click fraud, and plant viruses. I love the internet and I love internet marketing, but I seriously think a person would be insane to do this. Maybe I’m the one who is crazy. What do you think? Don’t even get me started on the rest of the poll findings like how the internet made them closer to God….